Carol's Backyard Happy Chickens

Carol's Backyard Happy Chickens

Our Story

So my 10 year old daughter said, "Mom, can we have chickens" and I said "Yes".  

When I was a kid we always had "backyard" chickens, turkeys, goats, and lambs... we loved them.  Ask my mom... they were family.  Now that I have a family of my own and my children are old enough to appreciate and help in the coop... I was excited to introduce them to the way of chickens.  We now have 9 beautiful gals!!  8 that are about 6 months old and one that is just over a year and all are laying up a storm between 8-9 eggs a day with quite a few jumbo double yolkers.  We love people's faces after they have tried farm fresh eggs.  I am determined to show all I can what a wonderful, more healthy choice farm fresh eggs are (for you AND the chickens).

We have had a few trial and error coops, however the girls are almost all set up for the first Michigan winter in their new condo.  HUGE thanks to my wonderful hubby.... the gals now have a LARGE run area and a nice warm spacious coop.  They love my garden scraps and tasty treats from the local bugs crawling.  They enjoy fresh daily water and the best corn feed around.  Although they have a lot of room in the run... my kids love to take a few out at a time on the weekends and let them roam free....  boy do they love it too!


Winter Update:  Well we have had quite a winter these last few months.... we are ALL ready for spring which I really feel is right around the corner!  Challenges this year.  Keeping the water defrosted, gathering eggs from the coop before they cracked in the sub zero temps.  We lost way to many eggs.... even with the warming lamp.  BUT the good news.  All are healthy and ofcourse HAPPY!  :)  Will post pics soon!

May 2013 Update:  Well the snow is FINALLY gone.  This past weekend we (OK...I) cleaned out the coop and their yard.  They sand bathed for a good few hours.  They LOVED it and are quite happy as a result.  We are considering adding on to the yard to give them a bit more room.... but we will see as their yard is pretty big as it is.  In the last 8 weeks we have slowly introduced 3 new girls to our family.  Which mean we now have 12 happy girls.  They are all getting along great!  



News & Answers

Girls enjoying a treat in their 16 x 10 new coop

They sure love their unsalted popcorn treats.

and above is the reason they recieved their treat.  Rent paid in FULL!

Time for an afternoon run.

Girls grew up so fast.  They used to fit in the old 4 x 8 coop like nothing.... time for an upgrade!

Lots of room for these Teeny Boppers.

Their first coop was built.  4x4x8  This should give them some room for a while!

the new babies are warm in our living room.  Nights were to darn cold outside.