We’re here to connect you with farmers and retailers who are selling fresh, local food. Whether you are in need of eggs, seafood, produce, meat, dairy, or honey, we believe you will feel better when you know where your food comes from.

Why Eat Local?

There are lots of good reasons why eating local – or being a “locavore” – is good for you. Studies show a correlation between local foods and good health. Locally sourced foods may have greater nutritional value. When your food doesn’t have to travel as far, it’s likely to be fresher and have fewer preservatives.

It’s also better for the local economy (by keeping dollars in your community) and the environment (by cutting down the distance required to transport food to your table).

It is no wonder why the locavore movement is exploding! In 2014, there were 8,268 farmers’ markets operating in the U.S. – nearly three times as many as in 2006! But despite all this growth, people still have a hard time finding local food. That’s why Local Hens is here.


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Who is Local Hens?

Local Hens helps farmers connect with consumers across America. We also offer farmers egg cartons and other merchandising material to help them bring their fresh, wholesome goods to local markets. We want everyone to have access to great local food!

How to Shop Local

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