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You might find Local Hens eggs in a supermarket, a corner deli, an organic food store, a farmers market, a roadside stand—or a neighbor or co-worker may just hand you a carton. No matter where you find Local Hens eggs, you can be confident that you are helping support your local farm community. Enjoy your fresh, wholesome eggs and feel good about the farms you are supporting.


Who is Local Hens?

Local Hens eggs are raised on small farms, urban farms and backyard flocks. 

Local Hens chickens are generally happy, healthy, and loved and the eggs they produce are fresh and wholesome.


What is Local Hens?

Local Hens is a website utilized by small farmers across America with the express purpose of connecting consumers with these farmers. Local Hens offers egg cartons and other merchandising material to anyone selling eggs, these items, along with the website were created to assist small, local egg producers in bringing their goods to market. 

Did You Know?

The small farm and local foods movement has grown immensely in recent years. Between 2002 and 2007, direct to consumer food sales from farms increased 32 percent, and from 2007 to 2012 it increased another 5.5 percent. The slowdown in increase may be due to local food being sold through intermediated marketing channels like grocery stores or institutions. Farm operations with direct-to-consumer sales of food for human consumption increased from 116,733 to 144,530 between 2002 and 2012. Consumers have more opportunities to purchase food directly from producers, with 8,268 farmers’ markets operating in 2014, up 180 percent since 2006. Urban homesteads and community gardens have taken off throughout the country.

Explore the locavore movement and understand what buying local could mean for you.

While customers are becoming more knowledgeable and dedicated to providing fresh, locally sourced food for their families, it can still be difficult for producers and consumers to connect.  Without the benefits of large scale production and marketing teams, small farms often rely on generic packaging and roadside signs or word of mouth to reach consumers. 

Local Hens offers small scale producers professional grade packaging, signs and website profiles, and provides resources and assistance to farmers and consumers alike. 


Are you a farmer?

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Are you a consumer?

Would you like to connect with your local farmers and learn more about eggs and poultry?

Learn all about eggs, nutrition facts and figures, recipes, trivia, games, crafts and much, much more!

The Local Hens Farm Directory allows you to find and learn about your nearby egg producers.  Learn how to connect with your local farmers and enjoy a true farm-to-fork experience!