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Welcome to Local Hens!

We have tried to make creating a Local Hens Profile as simple as possible.  If you ever have any questions, though, we are here to help!  We may always be reached at info@localhens.com.

VERY IMPORTANT Remember to hit the SAVE button any time you make changes!  If you move away from the edit page without saving, you will lose all of your changes.

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The first section at the top of the page allows you to add farm images to the image album on your profile page.  Choose Add Image.  Browse to the image you would like to add and select it.  Use a .jpg image under 2mb for best results. You may add a short caption.  Click Save to add the picture.  If you would like to delete an image that you have already added, click on the image thumbnail and select the delete link on the image detail page.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If nothing happens when you add an image your file is not a .jpg or it is too large. Reduce the image size to under 2mb and save it as a .jpg. Some Mac computers will save a .jpg image with the file extension .jpeg. These will not work unless the extension is changed to .jpg

GOOD TO KNOW:  Below the image section there is a link to “View Profile”.  This allows you to see how your Profile Page will appear.


You may choose to add your own banner image for the top of your profile page.  If you do not choose to add your own banner image, a default image with the Local Hens logo and the text Farm Fresh Eggs will be used. 

To add a banner, browse to the image file you would like to add and select it.  It will automatically be re-sized to fit.  However, if it is too large there may be some cropping.  If it is too small there may be some stretching or blurring.  The best image size is 960px by 270px. Use a .jpg image under 2mb for best results.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If nothing happens when you add a banner image your file is not a .jpg or it is too large. Reduce the image size to under 2mb and save it as a .jpg. Some Mac computers will save a .jpg image with the file extension .jpeg. These will not work unless the extension is changed to .jpg


To begin setting up your profile, enter the name of your farm or business in the spot labeled Farm Name.

Below the Farm Name, you will see “http://localhens.com/farms/profile/ + :“ and an empty box. This is where the website address, or URL, of your specific profile page will be.  The direct address of your profile page will always be:


The box under “http://localhens.com/farms/profile/ + :“ will automatically fill in to match the farm name you enter above  (i.e. Bob’s Farm entered in the farm name box will automatically fill in as “bobs-farm).  Please allow the system to automatically fill in the URL box and do not change or delete the information it contains as your profile page will not be found if you alter this information!


Your farm story is intended to be a short description of your farm or business.  This is a great place to really connect with your customers.  Tell them about yourself and your farm.  When did you begin farming?  What is your farm like?  Do you have many animals or grow mostly crops?  All of these are great topics that allow your customers to understand and connect with you personally.

Special Section: TOOLBAR OPTIONS

You will see that this section has a toolbar across the top. From left to right, the options on the tool bar include:

  • Text formatting.  You may make your text bold, italic, or have a strikethrough line.
  • Style Format.  You may choose to give text styling as normal text, paragraph formatting, heading levels 1 (largest) to 6 (smallest), or address format.
  • Font formatting.  You may make choose from a number of fonts.
  • Cut and Paste.  The scissor button will cut selected text.  The next button is for copying selected text.  There are three paste options.  You may paste as is.  This will allow you to keep your original formatting.  The next button is 'Paste as Plain Text'.  This would allow you to paste the text from your original without the formatting.  The final option allows you to Paste from Word Documents.  Often word documents contain additional data that does not translate well to a website.  This option will allow you to paste text from a Word Document without problems.
  • Spell Check - allows you to enable spell check as you type.
  • Enter text as a numbered list or bullets.
  • Decrease or Increase Indents.
  • Add or Remove a Link.  Select the text you would like to make into a link.  Click the Add a Link button.  Then enter the website address in the URL box.  The HTTP:// portion is already supplied in the dropdown preceding the URL box and does not need to be typed in.  The other options available for linking are for advanced users.  If you are not certain how to use them, it is advised that you contact us directly.
  • Insert Image.  This section is not large.  If you do choose to insert images, it is recommended that you keep them to no more than 300px wide.  To insert an image, click on the first button and choose the 'Upload' option at the top.  Browse your files to find the image that you would like to add.  Click on the 'Send to Server' button.  Please note that if you do not click this button, your image will not appear on the website.  Click the 'OK' button. 
  • Insert Table.  To add a table, click on the button.  Enter the appropriate properties, such as the number of rows and columns or the total width of the table.  It is recommended that you do not exceed 400 pixels wide.
  • Insert a Horizontal Line.
  • Source Button.  Choose this button to show and edit your page using HTML code.


The news section is a place for you to include timely updates about your farm.  Do you have new crops coming in?  New chicks hatch?  Will you be selling your products at a market?  This section is also a good place to include answers to some frequent questions your customers ask you.  

Again, this section allows for images, links, and html to be included.  See the Toolbar Options section above for more information.


The Farm's address is entered next.  The street address you include will be used to create a Google maps link for customers to get directions to your farm.  You do not need to include a full street address, but it is highly recommended that you include at least your city, state and zip code.  If you do not include these, your farm may not show up properly in the search results or may not be searchable at all.

The email address that you supply for your account (editable in the 'Edit Your Account' section) is used as the contact email on the profile page.


You will now see a number of sections that list specialties and other details about your farm.  These sections will only appear on your profile page if you fill them in.  You may only enter text in these fields.  They will not allow special formatting, html or images.


The social networks section will also only appear if it is filled in.  Enter any additional website addresses for your farm or business in the box corresponding to the Social Media site or webpage.  This will create a link to your various pages. You need to have an already established account or website for it to work. Links to the following are available:

Your website







To enter a link, simply type the URL, such as https://www.facebook.com/twitter.com/YOURACCOUNT or facebook.com/YOURPAGE.  An icon will appear on your farm page if you have set up the link properly.

GOOD TO KNOW: Sometimes it is easiest to open your Facebook, Etsy, website page, etc. in another browser window and simply copy and paste the address into the appropriate box. It’s also a good idea to click the links from your farm profile page once it is completely set up to test they are working properly.

Hit the SAVE button. 

Now you're done!  Check out your profile page!