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Our Story

I’m a third generation farm Gal. The farm originally belonged to my grandfather who was a WWII veteran and outdoor enthusiast. He worked off the farm to earn a living after serving our great country. They always had cattle and sometimes chicken and pork.  I grew up on 200+ acres of pure Ozark joy as did my father. My brother and I walked the same paths as the generations before us. We were often found roaming the woods, pastures and playing in the creek. After I graduated high school and college I returned to the farm. I ran a photography business for 20+ years. During that time I married a wonderful farmer and together we began revamping the farm. We purchased Berkshire Hogs, Chickens, Sheep and Wagyu cattle. Then Covid hit and I lost a lot of my photography income. I went back to work on the farm fulltime. I know it was a rough time for us and many others, but the blessing was there. We went back to the basics and found ourselves happy once again. I started researching old skill and ways of doing things.  I learned to make cheese and soap. We grew a garden for the first time in years. God blessed us with so much during that time we were able to share with our community. We decided then and there that we needed to do this. We wanted to share with others. Help others have pasture raised, humanely treated meat and egg options. We are not organic but we are very careful about what we put in and on our animals and soil. We are always looking for more natural greener ways to improve our farm and farming practices. Come join us on this journey of self discovery and take home some wonderful products.