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Our Story

We are so excited to start our farming journey!

We love being in the farm, growing, and raising our own food. We have used food as a tool for healing, and health and love having the ability to grow what we eat!

We currently have about 2-3 dozen eggs available a week right now. Once we get closer to fall we hoping our new flock will start laying and we will have more available. We also have more chicks coming closer to fall, and plan to breed chickens come spring. The birds we plan on breeding will be Cream Legbars, Ameraucana’s, Bielifielder, Black Copper Marans, and Polish.

Our chickens are fed non-GMO, soy-free feed. They spend all daylight hours outside, forging and scratching for whatever they can find. We give our adult birds at least 50SF of outdoor space per bird, and always try to give more if space allows.

We also make natural bar soap and other body products.

We are working toward selling produce grown on the farm as we are able to expand.

Thank you for checking us out and message us with any questions!