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We raise crossbred cattle in the Palouse region of Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington. Our program is based on mother cows that can function and excel in the timber and canyon country of Northern Idaho. We calve in early summer on the lush green fields near Moscow, ID. After calving, cattle are moved to timbered pastures, where they spend the rest of the summer and fall. Calves stay with their mothers until late fall, about November 1st. At this time, calves are weaned so that their mothers can vacation in the banana belt along the Snake River. The calves are kept with their peers close to home and fed through the winter on primarily hay with a small grain supplement to ensure we are able to meet their nutritional needs. With the arrival of spring, all our cattle are moved back to abundant, belly deep green grass. The mother cows start their cycle once again, while the previous years calves spend their days on the freshest of pastures, living the life every cow dreams of!

3rd Generation Cattle Ranchers – We are blessed to be able to do what we love in this beautiful place we call home. Having both grown up with cattle, we have the desire to nurture our animals and preserve the way of life we were raised in. Our cattle are not only our livelihood, they are our life, our passion, and the thing that holds us together. Rain or shine, hot or cold, every day we are able to spend tending our stock is a great day.

Our goal is to promote a product that is sustainable, safe, and ultimately delicious!

Our beef is raised in the most sustainable way possible. These are crossbred cattle, allowing for the most efficient, most delectable eating experience, not only in tenderness but overall taste. This allows us to be free of grain finishing and hormone implants. Grain is fed in moderation to the calves in winters, merely to ensure nutritional needs are meet, with all finishing done on pasture alone.