7 Hawk Ranch LLC

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Our Story

BIRDS, BEES AND VEGGIES! We love to grow stuff here so its always exciting to see what we have during the various seasons.  We raise heritage and rare breed chickens, pheasants quail and turkeys. I have a small Nigerian dwarf dairy herd that we breed each year. Our farm is organic and soy free.  We just love to make people happy, educate and share what we have here.

Summer months:

30-40 varieties of heirloom and standard tomatoes

20 varieties of mild to hot peppers

golden zucchini

garlic and garlic scapes

various herbs

other veggies


Early fall:


lavender bouquets



All year:

fresh horseradish

jams and jellies

chicken and quail eggs

goat milk soap


Hatching eggs available for:

olive eggers

Swedish Isbar

Black copper marans

celadon coturnix quail


Chicks available for:

ayam cemani

gold deathlayers

Black copper marans

Swedish Isbar

olive eggers

celadon coturnix quail

various pheasant breeds

coming soon: blue slate turkeys