A Thousand Hills Farm

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Our Story

A Thousand Hills Farm was established in 2018 after dreaming for many years. We are a pesticide-free farm raising chickens for eggs and compost and bees for honey and wax. We sell our chickens as laying hens at one year. We started with 2 hives of bees in early 2019 and are now up to 16 hives, so we are beginning the process of raising queens so we can  sell nucs. We have a garden comprised of just under an acre and grow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, okra, onions, bell peppers, several types of hot peppers, and succession plantings of Ambrosia corn. We sell farm fresh eggs, local honey, and seasonal vegetables along with plants from our greenhouse on Saturdays from 9-12 at the corner of Sunset Drive and N 14th St in Bessemer City (across from Surf and Turf). We deliver eggs, honey, and veggies weekly or bi-weekly as needed by our customers. We desire to give freshness at its best from our farm to your table the same day we pick if possible.