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Our Story

Welcome to ABC Farms! We are a small chicken operation located in Towanda, IL that started as an educational project for our children during the pandemic .  They built the brooder box, researched breeds and ordered 15 chickens (8 different breeds). They worked together to build the coop, complete with 6 egg boxes and a large play yard with swing! Recent additions include a solar operating door so the chickens can roam the yard by day and return safely to the coop at night.

Through this experience they continue to learn about entrepreneurship, marketing, company finances, managing operations, construction and architecture, animal science and so much more! All of the proceeds go right back into the business.

Each of our chickens have a name, personality and story. Follow along as we introduce each of them to you and share funny stories and happenings on the farm.

Currently, they are creating a business plan for more chickens to ramp up egg production in addition to meat birds. We appreciate your support of our project and are happy to be able to share our farm fresh, flavor packed eggs with you!