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Cage-free and Non-GMO hens living a stress-free life on a farm just north (above) of Normal, IL.

The farm started in 1925 as a diversified operation with corn, wheat, oats, shorthorn cattle, swine, draft horses and chickens.  Over the years, the farm grew to specialize in commercial corn and soybean production.  Now, beginning in 2014, a fourth-generation Larkin has reintroduced chickens to Larkin Lane Farms.  Charlie has re-purposed a grain bin into a spacious chicken coop and reclaimed pasture ground to provide an ideal home for a flock of laying hens.

Hens are starting to ramp up production now that the hours of daylight are increasing.

Chickens are outside and enjoying the first taste of spring grass and insects.  The new chickens will begin laying in May and we should be at full production in time for the summer markets.