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Our Story

Abundance Acres Farm raises pastured, free-ranging animals fed non-GMO, organically grown local feed; our own hay; and fresh forage and fodder to the extent possible. We¬†avoid the use of hormones, synthetic chemicals, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our fields and feed — and therefore on our plates — because we know that “You are what you eat ate!” and believe that this practice is better for the animals, the earth, and our health.

We also share Joel Salatin’s credo of letting an animal live its “-ness” to the extent that we can do so and keep the animals safe from predation. So, for example, a chicken celebrates its chickenness by foraging for bugs and worms while free ranging on pasture in a portable pen. Truly happy chickens!

Abundance Acres Farm is about creating the life we want to live, raising the food we want to eat, and sharing our experiences with others. We are renovating a former Amish dairy farm (which came with no electric service or indoor plumbing) and seek that zone between the Amish (what one might call slow, old-fashioned, or simple) and the fast, modern, or overly complicated. We have not joined an Amish community but live in a rural town that is home to 64 Amish families!