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Abundant Family Pastures

 In many ways our family is just like yours…

In the midst of raising and training children, keeping a home in order, attending practices, and checking work related messages and emails, the day-in and day-out challenge to come up with a healthy and nutritious dinner for you and your family can be trying.  

We can relate in the desire you have to eat a meal together that you know is nourishing to your bodies, but also fits the few valuable hours you have in the kitchen each day. 

You’re also keen on that fact that some of the health struggles in yourself or in your family are undoubtingly linked to the food you’ve been eating and you want to make more of an investment in your family’s wellbeing through food diet.

Our family can understand because we have been on the same food and health journey over the past decade. Our story began with a simple prayer, “Lord, teach us what it means to eat real food and to know what real nutrition is.”  The Lord heard that prayer and we’ve been learning more and more since.

We started raising our food on our small farm, but we’re dedicated against using conventional methods that make people sick. We looked at God’s creation order and began to raise animals in light of that pattern, which is Pasture Based. 

Pasture based farming is animals spending all their time foraging in their natural environment which produces a healthier animal and food that tastes better and actually regenerates the land. 

Fast forward ten years later, and seven little blessings that followed, and Abundant Family Pastures was started. 

Our family is passionate about raising real nutritional food with integrity for not only our family, but for our neighbors in the Inland Northwest who want real food that nourishes their bodies. 

So if you’re in need of wholesome protein foods as you train for your upcoming half marathon race or want to provide healthy snacks and meals for your children, you have found your farm.

We want to connect people to healthy local food, which means connecting people to their farmer. We want to be your famer. So come out to the farm, we’d love to get to know you!