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One Thanksgiving day I was out getting a few last minute items at the grocery store. We were planning on having some family over and I needed a few activities and games to keep people busy. I left my mother to cook the side dishes as I was a list of desserts I  planned on making. I made it through the crowd of people and the long grocery store line just before closing time for all the major stores. After returning home and laying out all my ingredients I realized my mother used every single egg that was in the refrigerator. My mom then suggested that I drive three minutes down the road and ask a neighbor if we could buy eggs from them since all the stores were now closed. As much as I hated to bother them on Thanksgiving, I really needed to get started on my pies. So I went to the neighbors and asked them if they had any eggs. To my surprise they did and they actually had to use rubber bands to keep the cartons closed. My neighbors saved my Thanksgiving that year and ever since that day I knew I wanted chickens.