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One Thanksgiving day I made a quick trip to the store for last minute items. I was expecting family in from out of town and I just wanted everything to be perfect. I had a long list of appetizers and desserts to make. The stores were all closing so the workers could spend time with their own families. Upon arriving home I quickly put on my apron and began gathering ingredients. I looked for the eggs and I could not find them anywhere in the refrigerator. I had just bought two cartons yesterday! I called to my mother who was in the house somewhere probably cleaning but did not get an answer. That was when I looked over at the trash can and there on top were two empty egg cartons. How the hell did she use two egg cartons in less than twenty-four hours? I lived in Johnstown, Ohio at the time and there was no way I could make it to any store before they closed. I went to my mom who was vacuuming and told her our situation. Her solution was genius because we had neighbors that only lived about one hundred feet down the road from us and they had chickens! I grabbed five dollars from my wallet and hopped in my car. As I was pulling into their drive way I saw a man actually on his way to the chicken coop. He greeted me and I told him my problem. He was so happy to help and even though his eggs were three dollars a carton he gave me two cartons! I thanked him and went back home. Inside the cartons were the largest eggs I have ever seen with a pretty shade of a terracotta brown. I knew at that moment I wanted hens.

Q: Where did you come up with the name Adria? A: Adria is the name of my half Arabian half quarter mare.

August 6th my Golden Lace Wyandotte won 1st place in her class at the 2016 Ohio State Fair!

My Buff Orpington came in 4th place in her class.

We feed our hens organic non-gmo grain and let them free range whenever possible. When they are not free range they eat fresh kale, meal worms, cracked corn, oats, and berries to name a few. My hens are raised as pets no cruel treatment ever. They run to me when I call for them and enjoy the treats I give them.

August 2017: bought a new hen house to make room for the incoming Americaunas recently picked up from Rural King.