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Our Story

Ahlgren Farms is a small, family farm startup with aspirations of making the world better by growing better food. A focus on locally grown and locally sold minimizes environmental impacts while ensuring freshness for our customers.

Currently, Ahlgren Farms grows pasture raised chickens for meat and tomato seedlings for your garden.

Located in Makinen, Minnesota, Ahlgren Farms has 80 acres of land. With mobile coops, called chicken tractors, we keep our birds on fresh grass throughout the summer. Flexible fencing systems also let us free range and rotate our layers around our  farm.

Doug and Teri are the owner/operators of Ahlgren Farms. We both have Ag degrees from the University of Minnesota and we were born and raised in this state. After college, and some time with the United States Air Force, we made the decision to return to the state we’ve always called home.

Owning a farm has always been a dream of ours. This is our beginning. We’re excited you’re here with us and we hope that you’ll come along for the ride!

Our 2022 production plans already include Cornish X Rocks meat birds, tomato seedlings, and farm fresh eggs. We are working on adding additional items and ideas all the time, so check back often.

Tomato Seedlings: We start planting tomatoes indoors in late February. This way the seedlings are ready to be transplanted in May or early June for a hardy harvest by late summer. We plant a variety of heirloom romas, beefsteak, and cherry tomatoes. Ordering will be available starting in mid-February.

Farm Fresh Eggs: Coming Soon.

Cornish X Rocks (meat birds): Average around 6 pounds per bird. We will be accepting pre-orders for the summer of 2022 starting February 17th.

We raise our chickens in mobile pens called chicken tractors. The chicken tractors move around our farm daily to ensure the birds have steady access to fresh greens and bugs. This method of raising chickens results in happier and healthier birds. Supplementation in our world means alfalfa or apple cider vinegar.

We raise our birds so that they only have one bad day. After that day, our customers get to enjoy delicious tasting meat packed with nutrition you can’t find in a typical store bought chicken. Studies have shown that pasture raised poultry are higher in vitamins like D3 and E and have more Omega 3s.

The pasture based philosophy that we ascribe to spreads the birds out. Since we are a small farm this means we are only able to produce a limited capacity.

To be fair, we will take orders on a first come first served basis until we hit our capacity for the year.

Processing will occur in mid-June and birds will need to be picked up at our farm in Makinen, MN. We’ll have more details as we get closer to the ordering window. Also, you can message us on Facebook or over email at ahlgrenfarms@gmail.com.