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Our Story

We are a local farm family that believes in the way God intended it to be.

Our passion for farming began in 2005 on a small acreage farm here in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate NY and now covers several hundreds of owned and leased farm acreage.

Over the past years we have realized the importance of returning back to the basics and farming the way food was intended to be, CLEAN, and free from genetically engineered ingredients, pesticides, herbicides, and making sure our livestock is raised humanely and with the utmost respect.

We raise pastured poultry, NON GMO heirloom produce, grass fed meats, and farm fresh pasture raised eggs.

A&J Farms is also knwn for the large variety of our own raw honey, maple syrup, home made pickles, jams, jellies, fresh home made baked goods, and array of NON GMO spices,  herbs, and other farm fresh homemade goodies.

A&J Farms also hatches over 350 breeds of day old poultry for sale to the public.

We offer poultry and rabbit processing under NYS Ag. & Mkts. Article 5A.

We can supply farm fresh eggs, produce, & meats to retailers, bakeries, churches, schools & others.

We do not use any antibiotics, growth hormones, Nitrates, herbacides or pesticides.

Our bacon, smoked ham & other smoked products are NITRATE FREE.

We follow strict Bio-Security measures on our farms

We are NYS NPIP Tested – DEC Licensed – Humanely Raised

We follow Organic NON GMO Practices