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Our farm started 12 years ago when we bought our first alpacas. Over the years we have added sheep and bunnies but we were so surprised with how much pleasure has come over us since we got our first chickens! We have found having the chickens is so much fun. We have a colorful flock that lays colorful eggs so we enjoy looking at them and the beautiful and yummy eggs they give us. Their personalities though are what has really captured our hearts! They are all so unique and comical. We love feeding them from our giant spoon and my grandson loves petting them and holding them. We have started hatching eggs as well which has also really been a treat! The chickens we focus on are French Marans, currently black copper and splash, along with a few cuckoos. We hope to bring some blue copper and birchen into our flock this year as well. We also have Ameraucanas, Easter Eggers, Welsummers, Rhode Island Reds, and a small flock of Icelandics too!

In the incubator and due to hatch on Valentines Day-ish are some Marans, Olive Eggers, and some Blue Belles! I will share pictures after hatching!!