Alpine View Farm

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A quaint hobby farm in Rescue, California, established in 2018.

Our eggs are fresh, non-GMO, cage free, and made from very happy and spoiled chickens!  Did you know that chickens raised cage free with proper nutrition produce eggs that are higher in Omega 3s and are lower in cholesterol? Plus there are no animal byproducts, arsenic, and antibiotics!
We also have seasonal vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit available.  All organically grown!
Looking for a wonderful gift?  We offer: organic beeswax candles that have been poured into antique glass containers; homemade apple butter, jams, and blueberry sauce (for pancakes and ice cream) all made without pectin;  Tahitian vanilla extract; and the best season salt in the world!
Know where your food comes from. Support local farmers.
Thank you!
Alpine View Farm