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Our Story

The Alstede Family and team wish to convey our commitment to provide you with the finest quality fruits and vegetables!

Farmer Kurt, a native of Chester and first generation farmer, founded Alstede Farms in 1982. In fact, the entire Alstede Farm Family continues to work hard to grow our own local, healthy, and nutritious food in a responsible way. Along side Kurt, children Rebekah, Sarah and Karl are working and contributing to the success of this family-owned farm. There is also Niece Patricia Cirelli who is here every day managing our Community Support Agriculture Program. And finally, brother Eric Alstede and nephew Justin Alstede also spend some time here each week helping to ensure that every aspect of what we produce and offer at the farm is simply the best it could be.

We produce a huge variety of our own local fruits, vegetables, and flowers grown using only sustainable and USDA certified organic production methods. We take soil and water conservation and the stewardship of our farm land very seriously, and have therefore permanently preserved all of the farm land we own. Indeed, we are proud to be able to say that nearly every acre of the 600 acres of farmland we till is permanently preserved! We offer: Pick Your Own fruits and vegetables, the best Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA) in New Jersey, and a fully stocked Farm Store that is filled with the fruits and vegetables we grow, as well as our own local honey, homemade ice cream and fudge, home baked pies, jams, jellies, our own cider donuts and more! Our own local fruits and vegetables are also sold at Tailgate Markets across Northern New Jersey and beyond.