Annapolis Eggs at Windsor Farm

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Our Story

Windsor Farm is a 4th generation family farm located on the Broadneck Peninsula in Annapolis, MD. Purchased in 1901 by my father William Smith, it was originally a 175 acre farm that produced the best strawberries and peaches in the county along with all of the other fruits and vegetables that thrived on the peninsula. Now a modest 10 acre homestead but none the less productive, we specialize in 100% wholesome farm fresh eggs.

Our flock of heritage breeds harken back to the hens that first made their home here and produced so well. Dominique, a breed we are promoting and on the Watch List for the American Livestock Conservancy and the Rhode Island Red are the two breeds that originally provided for our farm in the early 20th century. Among our 9 other Heritage breeds, we also have Ameracauna hens that produce eggs in the most lovely shades of blue. A favorite with children.

All of our hens are fed an all natural diet, antibiotic, hormone and pesticide free and supplemented with lots of fruits and vegetables from our gardens to help produce the most nutritious eggs possible. Evident in rich yellow yolks that “stand up” in the pan and thick whites. Not your typical store bought egg, thankfully! The hens have a large and protective yard to forage in, complete with a custom henhouse that features an airy porch in the summer and warming sunroom in the winter.

We are very particular about the origination of our hens. All are obtained as day old chicksĀ from National Poultry Improvement Plan flocks and safegaurd our hens by maintaining a closed flock.

We love ourĀ chickens!