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Our egg farm was not started on purpose. It started after our boys went to work at the feed store. I was a full-time funeral director/embalmer on call 24/7 and my husband is a hydraulic diesel field technician. With our jobs and responsibilities of life we had no time for anything. In the past I had kept a few chickens here and there for my own fresh eggs, but life got too busy. While the boys worked at the feed store when there were unsold chicks and a long weekend or adult chickens that didn’t sale the boys got to bring them home. As typical with kids and pets; they were very excited to bring them home but not so much for the day-to-day care. As my husband and I assumed their care we also began to grow fond of our flock. As we studied and learned about the many different breeds and their unique characteristics, we began expanding the flock ourselves. We had plenty of delicious fresh eggs for our family. As our flock grew larger with a wide variety of beautiful and productive hens it became necessary for them to “get a job.” So, we began marketing and selling their gorgeous multi-colored eggs for them. I retired in 2019 and went to work for the hens full time. I have been learning about what hens want and how to make them happy, egg production, egg sales, the whole nine yards. We sell eggs at our home by appointment and will do close by deliveries. We just branched out to include Sienna Plantation Farmer’s Market at 5855 Sienna Springs Way in Missouri City. We are there on the first and third Saturday of each month. Our hens are beloved pets and treated as such. There are no cages, concrete or overcrowding. Our hens live the old fashion way; very natural and organic. There is no artificial lighting or temperature to alter their natural egg laying cycles. Each hen has enough personal space so there is no fighting or injuries. They have almost an acre of pasture to roam from sunup until sundown. They sunbathe, take dirt bathes, chase bugs, and have the freedom to do everything their little chicken hearts desire. They have free access to feeders, water and laying boxes at all times. At sundown they instinctively come inside the hen-house to perch for a good night’s sleep. There they are safe from worry of any nighttime predators. Our hens are fed nutritious diets of laying crumbles from MG Feed and chicken scratch from Nutrena Feed. They never receive growth hormones, antibodies or anything that may negatively affect their health or eggs. We do not slaughter any of our chickens we strictly produce eggs. When our hens reach retirement age they can retire with full benefits, nothing changes but the expectation of eggs. Our hens are putting their egg money in savings to replace their some what rag tag hen-house. We do not cut cost on the care and well-being of our hens, but we do use inexpensive cartons and marketing strategies to keep our prices at a low $5.00 per dozen. Thank you for reading our story. We hope to hear from you soon and maybe see you at the farm, the farmer’s market or maybe even your place.