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What started out as a little girl’s dream for a cow has now turned into an attempt to homestead. Just to clarify, we don’t actually have the cow yet, but it’s in the works. We’re starting out small: 5 lovely hens, 1 very hunky rooster named Flash, herbs, and a few pallet gardens for veggies are just the start of what I hope to one day call a fully functional homestead. We also have a small coy pond that will eventually be converted to a tilapia pond, but let’s take it slow and talk about what we do currently offer. That would be delicious farm fresh eggs coming from well loved, all natural, free-range chickens. We believe that food should come from people that you know and can trust, your neighbors. If you like our story and want to meet the ladies, drop by our Central Alabama home for a dozen today. We’re located deep in the heart of dixie, half way between Auburn and Montgomery and would love to share a glass of sweet tea with you.

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