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We are a small farm in Willow Creek. Our farm has around 300 laying hens, selling eggs to anyone and everyone. Our hens are of many breeds and they lay white and brown eggs. We have an egg grader lic # 4150 with the State of MT and we have a registered business called ” Atha’s Eggs” . Our eggs are washed , candled and weighted then sold. We started this business for our daughter, Atha. This should be a way to save up for her future while supplying healthy farm fresh eggs to others. Our chickens are free range and happy. They are fed corn, barley and egg layer crumble and also eat whatever they find as they walk all over our property. Our farm will not claim to be organic, but rather farm fresh as nature intended. Eggs are the only item we sell, not chicken meat to eat. To contact us: email or call (406) 498-6282