Autumn’s Eggs at Stonevale Farm

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Our Story

My name is Autumn Faye Smiley and I am 6 years old. My family has a 14 acre farm in Aumsville,OR since 1997. I asked for some chickens for Christmas and my mom got me some hens and a coop. I started in 4-H last year and showed my favorite chicken Marci at the county fair. I love learning about chickens and animals. My favorite part of having chickens is when they hatch the babies. I sell eggs and roosters that I don’t need. My hens are friendly healthy and pastured. They are happy hens.

If you want fresh eggs just call ahead to make sure we are home. If it’s local my mom can deliver.

We are going to raise some fryer chickens next spring. We will custom raise pre-orders. We will have them processed and ready for your freezer if you want.