Ayden’s Farm

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Our Story

We started this adventure as a way to provide Farm fresh chicken eggs to our family. This was 6 years ago, since this time we have grown to incorporate not only approximately 40 Chickens (hens and roosters included). We have also added 11 ducks to our flock and now. We also have a 21 year old loving Standardbred horse and a couple dogs.

We added a new human family member in 2013 and decided we wanted to start a farm type business for him. So we named our little backyard farm after our son. Hence the name Ayden’s Farm. This year 2018 we had the pleasure of introducing 2 more furry family members. Karma, a lamancha doe goat, and a loving little wether mini nubian, Marley. Our little farm in growing.

About our COOP
We offer our girls and boys coops that they can return to at night for protection and provide nesting boxes for the ladies to lay their eggs in. We have a total of 3 interconnecting coops that can be separated for our needs be they breeding, a sick bay, or just simply have some that are not getting along well. We have another coop attached on the back side of our main coops for our ducks with a pond in that coop. We are planning on expanding the  coop and will keep you all updated.