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Located on our family farm in Laconia, Indiana.  Back Porch Talkin’ Country Exchange offers farm-fresh, free-range, organic eggs, garden herbs, home-baked artisan breads, and farmhouse decor for your home, garden, porch and yard which currently can be purchased at our on line store:  Back Porch Talkin
Fresh eggs can also be purchased from our farm or on line, however, we do not ship eggs. Once you add eggs to your cart, please tell us in the “Add a Note” box when we can expect you to pick up your eggs at our farm.
We reserve the right to cancel your order and not refund you money if your eggs are not picked up within 24 hrs.
We take pride in offering our customers truly fresh-from-the-nest farm eggs.  Our eggs are gathered daily offering the freshest eggs available in this area.  So we do not reserve eggs past 24 hours.
In addition to their natural foraging, our hens are feed a rich, healthy diet of garden greens, chopped vegteables, black oil sunflower seeds, various grains, natural anti-biotics, and fresh fruits.
Our beloved hens produce eggs all year round with a complete different flavor, which folks tell us, are the best tasting eggs they ever eaten and so much better than store-bought eggs, with a darker orange-yellow yolk that stands high in the skillet with a richer satisfying taste.

Which egg would you prefer to eat?

4-11-14 Easy Peel Perfect Boiled Eggs  Click link to view video on YouTubeFor years, Aunt Carolyn has heard folks say that farm fresh eggs are so difficult to peel after boiling them.Remember these numbers:  4-11-14The easiest, tried and true tested way to boil farm-fresh eggs. No salt. No vinegar. No hard peeling. No waste. Just perfect boiled eggs every time, even after refrigeration!Click here to view her fool proof method to properly boil, cook, and peel farm fresh eggs.  It works every time even with store bought eggs.

We do not ship eggs.  Can be order online, however must be picked up at our farm within 24 hours.

Our eggs are truly fresh from-the-nest.

Why we do not wash or refrigerate our eggs. Eggs have over 17,000 pores through which air passes. Washing the egg can cause the eggshell pores to contract, drawing bacteria into the egg.  A cold environment causes the same effect.  Placing a warm, washed egg directly from the nest into the refrigerator causes moisture to accumulate onto the egg, opening the pores, allowing bacteria to enter, thus possibly spoiling the egg. Eggs that are not washed or refrigerated can last up to 3 times longer than commercially grown refrigerated eggs.

Our eggs are gathered daily.  They are stored in cool environment, allowing the egg’s natural protective layer to “shell over”, thus protecting the luscious egg inside from any harmful bacteria.Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamins: Organic eggs are much higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than conventional eggs, which is good for your heart and also contain 40 percent more vitamin A and two times as much vitamin E.Reduced Chemical Exposure: Organic eggs are free of the chemical residues commonly found in conventional eggs tainted by antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful substances.USDA & FDA Regulations: The USDA & FDA suggests you should wash and refrigerate your eggs after purchase as it is stated on the sides or backs of our cartons. We have never refrigerated our eggs.  Many countries around the world follow the same egg storing practices as we do. So it is entirely up to you to wash and refrigerate your eggs or not.