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Based out of Concord, Virginia. At Bear Garden Farms we strive to raise and grow everything organically. We are happy to share our goodies with the community and hope you will enjoy the harvests. Everything is grown in the bare earth with our bare hands.

Eggceptional Egg Facts!

There are sometimes mixed reviews about eggs. Are they or are they not healthy? Here are some facts to show eggs are good for you.

A single egg contains decent amounts of Vitamins a, b2, b12, b5, b6, d, e, k(potassium), as well as minerals: folate, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, and zinc. An egg also has 77 calories, 6 grams of good quality protein, and 5 grams of good fats. Cage free chickens also lay eggs higher in Omega-3 which reduces triglyceride levelsEggs help with raising the good cholesterol in your body.Eggs have the essential nutrient Choline. This may sound like something made up but choline is essential for the building of the membranes of cells and help with brain development. It is an extremely important for pregnant women and women who are breast feeding to consume Choline because it helps with fetal brain growth and development.On average less than 10% of people consume the daily amounts of Choline they need.Studies have shown that consuming eggs is not associated with heart disease or stroke.Wow that’s a lot for just a little egg! Remember if you’re local to concord, VA you can purchase eggs from us! Just drop us a message on our Facebook or on our contact us page! Also ask about our honey!