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We are a small homestead in Grimes, Iowa and we would like to share our eggs with you!  We raise Rhode Island Red, Delaware, and Barred Rock Chickens.  We also have Khaki Campbell, Call and Muscovy Ducks.  All of our birds have access to wonderful pasture land and are considered Free Range Chickens and Ducks.  They do have a coop that keeps them safe at night.  We supplement their diet with quality poultry feed, scratch grains, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, and meal worms.  They also have constant access to Grit and Oyster Shells.

Our eggs are collected multiple times a day and we clean them as soon as we bring them from the coop.  We also make sure to date the eggs with food safe markers so you will know exactly what day your eggs were laid.

I have been using the duck eggs in my favorite baking recipes and have noticed that the eggs are making those baked goods taste even better.

The chicken eggs are absolutely delicious.  You can really taste the difference between farm fresh eggs and store bought eggs.

As homesteaders, we really believe in the importance of “from farm to table” foods and we know that you will be very satisfied with the quality and taste of our eggs.