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Located on a quiet, back road between Theresa and Plessis, NY is Bearly Hyde N’ Farm, the home of 60 chickens and 9 Pekin ducks.  Our chickens are not just “chickens” to us, they are pets, and we treat them as pets.  We believe in cleanliness and our chickens are a reflection of that.  They are allowed to wander where ever they want on warm days and are not kept inside the coop.  We do everything we can to make sure they are happy and healthy.  Most of our girls love to be picked up and cuddled.  When you come to visit, they love to run to you to see if you have brought them any treats.  We are happy to provide you with several references from people who love our eggs.

Every other year, we raise turkeys to harvest for ourselves.  We believe that you are what you eat, so we try and feed our girls a well rounded diet to ensure the highest quality eggs and meat.

We do at times raise Pekin duck babies to sell, but we normally end up keeping most of them.

We also run a money saving website to help NNYer’s get the most for their money!