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Our Story

Our farm:
Started as a homestead to feed ourselves and our family and friends really high quality, ethically raised, traceable food. We loved raising animals and have grown to just starting to sell retail.
We raise pigs, meat chickens, eggs, goats, and honeybees. We’re still a small family operation with a goal to raise super high quality food that we know is good for us. If you’re familiar with Joel Salatin, we’ve modeled our farm after him.
All of our animals are: pasture raised, fed organic food, happy living, moved weekly, and drink spring water.

Our chickens:
Always on fresh grass eating bugs and grubs. We also feed New Country organics feed. We have 100 chickens now but will be doubling/tripling come this fall. All different breeds. We use Best Nest Boxes so our eggs never come into contact with dirt or debris.

We’d Love to get to know you and have you come by the farm someday!