Betsy’s Brown Eggs

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Our Story

We are the Lasch’s – Adam, Betsy, Boone, and Rhett. Our farm began in 2011, when Adam and Betsy were married, and consisted of mostly beef cattle and crops. Over the next several years, our farm has grown to include beef cattle, crops, hair sheep, pigs, and chickens. Betsy’s Brown Eggs is our chicken operation, and has been run by Betsy since 2013. Our hens are raised in a cage free and free range environment, as well as rotated in mobile coops on pasture with our cattle and sheep during the spring, summer, and fall months. We maintain a holistic approach to our farm by focusing on the interactions between the soil, plants, and grazing animals. We find the highest quality products come when the animals are allowed to express their own unique characteristics, such as the hens sanitizing the pastures by eating the insects that follow the grazing animals.