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Our Story

Trae & Caitlyn

Who We Are:

We have combined over 30 years of agriculture experience. Trae was born and raised helping on his family farm in Missouri. In that time, he mainly worked with beef and dairy cattle. Caitlyn grew up with a passion for agriculture and started with learning how to ride horses. After learning about horses, she pursued a degree in Animal Science and graduated with her bachelors from Missouri State University in 2019. While in school, she had the opportunity to work with beef cattle and horses. After graduation, she worked on a hog farm. We have 3 dogs Boozer Lee the dachshund, Rogue the Great Dane, Willow Mae a black lab along with 2 cats Smokey and Pee-Wee. We started with a flock of 18 chickens read below to find out who they are. Trae currently work for a USDA custom processing facility and Caitlyn works for the USDA as a Food Safety Inspector.

Why We Are Here:

We both wanted to move out of Missouri and wanted to go somewhere with a little bit of everything. After doing our research, we determined that North Carolina was exactly what we were looking for. We then had the opportunity for Trae to follow his passion which is to run a butcher shop which is what brought us to Gallivants Ferry/ Aynor, SC. We started selling the extra eggs that we didn’t need. Realizing how many people wanted farm fresh eggs, we decided to grow our flock and open our business. We have since expanded out business to include a herd of Kunekune pigs, Rouen ducks, and a Nigerian Dwarf Goat.