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Our Story

Big Stars Farm started out as the Walking T Cattle Company and grew from there when the Farmer met the Rancher and they decided to throw their hats in together for better or worse and until death do they part. He knows farming and all about birds and she knows cattle, gardening and how to love all the animals. There are 2 children at the farm lovingly referred to as “wildflower” and “c-monkey” who help with chores, and provide lots of smiles and wonder.

The “Big Stars” of our show are our cattle and our “Laying Ladies” as we like to call them. We also raise rabbits, Texas Blue Lacy Dogs, Ducks, pigeons, quail and a growing orchard on our farm.

If you are in our neck of the woods you are welcome to stop by- just call ahead and see if we are home.

Now taking orders for pastured chickens! $10 a bird with a minimum or two birds on pre-orders. Chickens will be raised pastured and protected from the elements for eight weeks and processed either whole or quartered.