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A happy hen makes a better quality egg.


Our hens are fed a nutrient rich diet and live their lives in the way a chicken was intended; foraging, scratching, sun bathing, and soaking up sunshine.  Our pricing is reflective of the quality of feed, time, and hands on approach we take to providing you with a great eating experience.  Give our eggs a try and discover why farm fresh eggs beat store bought any day of the week.


By the Dozen:

1 Dozen Brown/White Mixed – $6

1 Dozen Rainbow – $9



18 Brown/White Mixed – $10

18 Rainbow Mixed – $12

***Boutique Eggs by the 1/2 Dozen:

1/2 Dozen Blue/Green Mix – $6

1/2 Dozen Dark Brown Eggs – $6


***Boutique egg sales are subject to availability, as these girls don’t lay quite as frequently

Bulk Pricing:

4+ Dozen Brown/White Mixed – $5


E-mail us to place an order!