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Birdsong Farm is located south of Pedee, Oregon (~2 hours south of Portland) specializing in humanely raised, gourmet, small livestock breeds including duck and domestic rabbit. We practice rotational grazing methods for healthy animals, soil and wildlife, and are focused on feeding ourselves homegrown, nourishing food and filling a niche for those seeking exceptional quality and flavor for meat and eggs.

We raise several beautiful colors of Muscovy Ducks mainly for meat, plus a flock of laying ducks. All of our birds are free range on pasture, supplemented with fresh produce from our garden for gourmet meat and delicious/nutritious eggs with bright orange yolks! The meat from our Muscovy ducks is outstanding (our personal favorite meat from our farm) and we raise broiler chickens once or twice a year. Muscovy duck meat is dark red and is lower in fat than the traditional Pekin duck, but still fatty enough to be decadent, tender and delicious. Pan seared duck breasts are about the most delicious dish one can serve: the sirloin of poultry!

We have bred our laying ducksĀ  for foraging ability/temperament/laying productivity crossing Indian Runner and Magpie drakes with several breeds of ducks to create our own ‘Birdsong Blend’ breed. Duck eggs are a baker’s delight! More protein than chicken eggs makes for more stable meringues and poofier rises. Plus: they’re delicious and rich! Our duck eggs are about the size of a jumbo chicken egg.