Black Cloud Acres

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Our Story

Hi Everyone!  We are a small farmette located in the quiet town of Stillwater, in Sussex County,NJ.

We moved here in the winter of 2014, with hopes of living a more self-sufficient lifestyle.  We started our chicken flock spring of 2015 and quickly became addicted to chicken raising and the amazing eggs we get.

Now we want to share our eggs with you!

Our chickens are pasture raised, we use no antibiotics, and they are able to forage for most of their own food. As well as being fed scraps from our kitchen. We keep one rooster who keeps our hens safe and in-line.  We treat our chickens like family!

Feel free to contact us for farm fresh eggs, and keep an eye out here for flock updates, farm expansions, and egg specials.

Mike and Jenn