Black Sheep Meadows

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Our Story

Black Sheep Meadows Farm is located at the base of the beautiful Moosic Mountains in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Our 75 acre farm integrates bio-dynamic practices, permaculture, and sustainable farming traditions.  We raise heritage chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, and honey bees and grow fruits and vegetables, concentrating on heirloom varieties and old world cultivars. We aim to nourish our community with local, tasty nutritious  food while replenishing the soil. Our animals are treated with dignity and love. We allow them to feed in a natural manner, providing them with fresh water, healthy food, shelter, and the freedom to express themselves in a natural way. Being a small farm we cherish the closeness that we have with the animals. Everyday we can look them in the eye and make sure that their eyes sparkle. Mostly we just marvel at the miracle of life-giving plants and animals.