Blu Rooster Farm

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Our Story

We are a small, family farm raising lamb, chickens, ducks and produce, seasonally.  We have been working our farm with sheep and chickens since 2016, learning as much as possible and putting into practice advice we receive from seasoned farmers.

Our family started out with a dozen or so chicks and among them was our very own Blue Andalusian rooster, Blu (or Blubell).  He has since graced our farm name and logo with his proud image. We now have 60+ chickens who provide us with plentiful and colorful eggs (and attitudes!)  Our ducks are a mix of breeds to include Rouen, Cayuga, Blue runner, Swedish Black and Khaki Campbell.  Our chickens and ducks are raised pasturing around our pond, orchard, and fields.  They produce eggs with bright yolks and are sold at a few local corner stores as well as from our farm directly.

Our lamb is USDA processed and packaged for customers who enjoy 100% pastured and grass-fed lamb raised locally.  As of last year, we have Romney wool and offer pelts to those customers using this textile for hand-made, artisan products.

Our produce yields a small harvest of apples, pears, quince, seasonal greens and this year (2022) we are trying our hand at growing several varieties of squash.

While not certified organic, we strive to use organic practices with our livestock and produce. Most vegetables are grown from certified organic seed, and are grown without commercial pesticides or fertilizers.

Overall, our main purpose is to bring glory to God in all our endeavors, as well as bring fresh products to those who appreciate and enjoy farm-raised food.