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We are a hobby farm that has grown and has too many farm fresh poultry products to use ourselves.  We specialize in chicken and duck eggs, but have a variety of poultry products available.

“Breeding the best dual-purpose (meat & eggs) purebred heritage poultry available anywhere”
* Chickens: White Plymouth Rocks, New Hampshires, Heritage Rhode Island Reds
Currently. . .
—$15 each for 11 week Heritage Rhode Island Red layer-quality pullets (young females)
—$15 each 6 week Heritage Rhode Island Red straight-run chicks
—$20 each for 11 week White Rock, New Hampshire layer-quality pullets (young females)
—$10 each for 11 week White Rock, New Hampshire & Rhode Island Red broiler cockerels (young males)
—$20 each for Rhode Island Red yearling cockerel
–$100 show quality pair of yearling Rhode Island Reds
–$100 show quality pair of yearling White Plymouth Rocks
–$50 show quality White Rock yearling hen
–$30 breeder quality White Rock yearling hen
* Ducks: Appleyards (silver & blue), Welsh Harlequins (silver & gold), Black (solid & bibbed) Smith-Hookbill
Currently. . .
Blue Appleyards are great jumbo egg layers. . .Those of you familiar with Silver Appleyards, these are hybridized with Saxonys several generations back for the Blue color, egg size & quantity, body size & quick maturity. These are the best egg layers for a large duck around. If interested in raising a meat duck that lays as good as any other size layer, these are for you. Lots of double-yolkers for small goose-sized eggs. If interested in breeding for meat, these ducklings adequately mature in 9 weeks and taste better than typical Pekin. . .less greasy fat & more flavor. I also have the standard Silver Appleyard, which are the best
Welsh Harlequins, come in both a silver and gold phase. They are a great dual purpose duck, as they have a great rate of lay, lovely color, and gourmet meat. They mature slower than an Appleyard, but what doesn’t.
Black Smith-Hookbills are like the Ameracauna of duck breeds, except they are more consistent layers of these desirable mint green colored eggs. They are awesome foragers for insects, very hardy, fertile, don’t eat nearly as much as larger breeds, and, yet lay an extra large size egg. They are a combination of several breeds, including Dutch Hookbill, Indian Runner, Khaki Campbell, Ancona & Cayuga. They are being more standardized to look like a large Dutch Hookbill, with a medium hooked bill, and a much greater rate of lay, similar to my Welsh Harlequins & Appleyards.
—$40 for rare Blue Appleyard yearling female layer duck
—$15-25 5-week old Black Bibbed Smith-Hookbill Ducklings (green eggs layers), Appleyard (Silver, Blue, double Blue, Trout, Blue Trout, double Blue Trout, White) & Welsh Harlequin Ducklings.
–$10-20 for 3-week old ducklings
–$20-30 for 8-week old Silver Appleyard ducklings (Holderread TSQ)
* $50/dozen hatching chicken eggs & $60/dozen hatching duck eggs.
Also eating eggs available at $4/dozen brown chicken eggs & $6/dozen white or green duck eggs
Jay @ 206-300-0235 Camano Island