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Our Story

Our son was diagnosed with Lyme disease so we looked to purchase a small number of guinea hens (tick eaters). At the farm that sold guinea hens, we ran into our first turkey (that wasn’t on a plate or flying through the woods). It was a Blue Slate gobbler that followed us around and loved having his head petted. We fell in love instantly. The guinea hens did not work out, but we had also purchased a turkey that we named Mojo.  As she grew up, she was our pet… sat in our laps, followed us around outside, flew up to our shoulders and so forth. She wound up developing an illness and broke our hearts when she passed. We decided to try to get a few more turkeys from Mojo’s parents. (It is fascinating how smart and curious and gentle turkeys are…)  We established our first flock, named the farm “Blue Mojo Farm”, and off we went! In researching Blue Slate turkeys, we found The Livestock Conservancy. Reading about conservation efforts, something just clicked. Why stop with the slates?  So we added Royal Palms, Black Spanish, Bourbon Red and Bronze.  However, Eddie had always loved ducks. One day a female mallard appeared out of nowhere under his truck.  We put out some food and water and a couple of days later she was gone.

However, again something had “clicked”.  We went to TLC’s duck list, and decided to try a small group of Cayugas, and the Silver Appleyards also caught our eye last year.  Having access to the information on the TLC website is absolutely wonderful. We are passionate about re-establishing living things in decline and eating “local”.  We raise ostrich and have an aquaponic greenhouse, focusing on producing items from the “Ark of Taste” list.

Email strongly preferred – phone calls may not be returned.

We do not have/sell chicken eggs.