Blue Mountain Heritage Farm

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Our Story

Fifty years ago my great grandparents bought a little piece of heaven in rural Oklahoma on their teachers’ salary. They raised pastured Herfords as did my grandparents. Before Grandpa died I made a promise that I would not let our valley be chopped into pieces and sold off. Thus began my farming odyssey. We raise heritage breed pigs, chickens, and cows and focus on Holistic Management methods. Our farming practices build the land while allowing the people and animals here to live their best lives. All animals are outside in the sunshine and always have open shelter available. We love our animals and we love good food! Every day, we strive to strike a balance.

Happy Spring!

Chicks are in the brooder along with their guard gosling (SO CUTE)!  Whole broilers will be ready for you May 1st. Seeds are on their way and the pigs are doing their work clearing the land and making piglets. We should have a new batch of piglets born by June. We’ll take pre-orders for piglets (ready for your farm by September) or market pigs (ready for butcher in December).

Also- We now offer low-gluten and gluten-free baked goodies. I can do muffins, cookies, cakes…you name it, I’ll make it for you. I can mail them to you if you can’t make it to the farm. I can accommodate most food sensitivities and preferences so give a call or email and we’ll discuss your perfect sweet treat!