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Our Story

Welcome to Blue Star Farm! We are a small family farm in the Barrington area of northern Illinois. We sell farm fresh duck and chicken eggs, gifted to us by our pets. All of our pets are happy and spoiled and they all have names. Our ducks and chickens are fed a nutritious diet for better health and tastier eggs! We do not use hormones, antibiotics or any other chemicals. All of our animals are spoiled!

Why Duck Eggs?

*Duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs and pack more nutrition per egg. They contain more micronutrients and are higher in protein and omega 3 than a chicken egg because of their higher yolk to whites ratio.


*They have a tougher shell and a longer shelf life than chicken eggs.


*You can eat duck eggs in the same ways you eat chicken eggs, but they are especially prized by bakers. Duck eggs make baked products rise higher and stay high because of their protein.


*The higher yolk to whites ratio gives duck eggs a deeper, creamier taste. Duck eggs have less water content, so be aware that when scrambling they can get rubbery if overcooked.


*Some people who are allergic to chicken eggs can eat duck eggs – check with your medical professional.


Try one! We think you’ll be hooked!


Blue Star Farm

Licensed by the IL Dept of Agriculture as an Egg Dealer/Producer

Do you have a question? Would you like to order eggs? Please drop me an email at  

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