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With over¬†18 years of horticulture experience, we blend some of the most modern, environmentally friendly and sustainable horticultural practices out there, along with forgotten agricultural wisdom from the past.¬† PLUS, over 200 pasture raised hens that are delivered with in hours of being layed….The freshest eggs in the DC Metro area….We deliver to Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC

We rely on honey bees to ensure adequate pollination, earthworms turn the recycled plant based matter into valuable nutrients that not only feed our vegetable plants but their enzymes also help protect them. Lady bugs, other beneficial insects and our heritage breed chickens “happy hens” eat the bugs and yes, some of the good ones too. If you choose to come out for a visit, be sure to ask about the observation bee hive. We can safely look inside the hive watch the bee’s work.

This is more than just purchasing vegetables from a local farmer; it supports a global mindset with respect to ourselves, and what we put into our bodies. Our fertile fields were horse pastures for 40+ years until we turned them over. There has not been use of pesticides or herbicides, as it has been in Mary Anns family for generations. Our produce is grown in a manner which promotes utilization of 100% recycled organic material and the use of beneficial insects and ecofriendly bacteria to combat insect pests and diseases. We are not organic certified nor do we claim to be. However, we do not use any genetically altered seed, “NO GMO SEED”. If we need to use any pesticided or fertilizer, it is an organic certified/registered product. NO ROUND-UP, EVER….Our members deserve safe, high quality vegetables. Many of our vegetables cannot be found at your local grocery store or farmers market. We take pride in bringing you some of the most unusal (along with the basics) and the very best quality vegetables, melons and eggs available in the area.

We are just sustainable, practical and naturally growing food…