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Our Story

Bluebird Sings Farm is our family homestead on five beautiful acres of meadow and woodland in a historic village in South Jersey’s Pinelands.

We are just like you – a busy, modern family trying to connect deeply, live fully and enjoy each moment.

We have found a special kind of contentment in caring for the plants and animals here on our little farm. Wherever you may live, we know that same simple joy is waiting for you too.

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Organically raised, soy-free rainbow eggs are here! Just $5/dozen. Email me to pick yours up in Galloway, NJ 08205. Our beautiful rainbow eggs are as beautiful as they are delicious and nutritious!

Our small flock of heritage hens forage freely in their large paddock with room to roam, scratch, peck and chase bugs as they wish. We supplement their foraging with organic, soy free, regionally grown grain. You just can’t buy healthier, more sustainable eggs than this!

On the outside, our eggs are a beautiful rainbow of shades from russet brown to rosy beige, pastel green to olive to sky blue. And on the inside, our eggs are the most delicious and nutritious you can get.