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Bluegrass Homestead is our connection to nature and our community. We have spent the last couple of years working on ourselves and our company with the goal of being true to our core beliefs. We know that good food, good treatment of nature, animals, and others are important. We want to foster that in our work and our personal lives. We also want to encourage the next generation to grow and start doing something they love. Even if it isn’t gardening or farming. We raise chickens and produce and honey bees on our homestead. It is a lot of work but the reward of living this lifestyle makes it more than worth it. We hope to pass our made with love products on to you. It is supporting a community, a family, and a future we can all be proud of.

Our homestead features Lavender Orpingtons, Buff Brahmas, Buckeyes, Golden Comets, and Production Red hens. Our chickens are handled from birth enough that they are friendly and easy to work with. We hatch out our own chicks here with our incubator and have a great success rate. If they hatch, they live. We grow our chicks up until they are feathered and ready to go to their new homes. They are highly likely to succeed and be healthy this way and our customers do not run the risk of losing their investment after bringing them home. We have many success stories of chickens moving easily into their new “digs”.

We also build and sell chicken tractors and coops. We know that what you get from the store is often much lower quality than what you expected. They are not the right size for many chicken breeds and cannot hold more than 2 or 3 birds comfortably. We also know that on the flip side, spending a ridiculous amount of money on a custom coop is out of the way, out of the budget, and creates an entirely new set of problems. Our coops are made to fit the height of people and chickens. Maximizing space and materials without going over the top.

We also sell honey on our homestead, we have multiple hives and our bees have pleased the neighbors by pollinating everything within a mile radius. We do not use chemicals or pesticides in our yard, garden, or on our produce. This means the bees are free to be bees. They provide us with excellent honey and some great beeswax.

Bluegrass Homestead is our home and our livelihood and we want to do our best to give you the best we have. Taking the time to go above and beyond for others is what we love to do. We hope you will contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you!