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This homestead believes in doing things the old fashioned way. Our hens are fed a local non-GMO feed, and people tell us that their eggs are the best they’ve ever tasted! The chickens live a happy life and enjoy ample shade, and mountain views.

Our eggs are unwashed and ungraded, but they’ve also never been touched by robot hands. You’re welcome.

Our Mountain-View-Inspired-Never-Touched-By-Robot-Hands Chicken Eggs: $5/doz.

While eggs are currently our main export…

  • We’re also regularly accepting orders for heritage Turkey chicks
  • In 2020 we raised Thanksgiving Turkeys and they were DELICIOUS!
  • We maintain two gardens full of organic and heirloom fruits and veggies. We don’t have produce available at this time, but we do have a lot of knowledge to share with anyone who asks.

Borderline Homestead is run by the Allman family. Lifelong homeschoolers, and determined entrepreneurs, and Seattle refugees. Since 2019 we have been working hard every day to turn these 5 acres into a farm like you wouldn’t believe.

Any questions can be directed to, or our socials.