Our Story

We’re a small, sustainability-focused livestock farm in Ashford, CT. To conform with our mission of full-circle sustainability and to deliver the highest quality farm products, we adhere to these farming philosophies:

  • perform intensively managed rotational grazing each year for as long as weather and grass production allow
  • when needed, use only┬ácorn-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and spray-free supplementary feed
  • maintain breeding stock to control the health and genetics of our animals
  • grow specific heritage breeds who can: thrive in our Northeast climate of hot summers and cold winters; breed successfully to maintain and grow our herds; grow and flourish on a grass-based diet.

We produce:

Raw Honey

Pastured Eggs

Cage free Rabbit

Pasture Pork

Grass fed Sheep

Grass fed Goat