Bouldert Belt Eco-Farm

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Our Story

Boulder Belt Eco-Farm is a diversified micro farm that raises over 50 different kinds of produce along with pastured poultry for eggs and meat near Eaton, OH.


We started back in 1994 with a 25′ x 75′ “Market” garden on a rented farm. Within 2 years we were up to 2 acres and were in the process of ┬átransitioning to getting the farm certified Organic. By 1999 we had full certified Organic status through OEFFA. We were up to 5 acres of diversified produce plus we had a flock of 75 heritage laying hens. We were doing farmers markets, selling to restaurants, developing a CSA and working a zillion hours a week.

Life was good but things change. in 2002 we opted to drop our organic certification when the USDA took over (but to this day grow as if we were still certified organic). We ┬ámoved from our starter farm to the farm we currently own and operate in 2005. Now we grow on just over an acre, have a high tunnel and several caterpillar tunnels which enables us to grow through the winter and go to the Richmond, IN winter market as well as operating one of the oldest winter CSA’s in the USA (we have been doing CSA in winter time for almost 20 years). We still have a flock of laying hens, though much smaller at around 20 hens and we raise between 50 and 100 freedom rangers day ranged on pasture.

As mentioned we love growing all winter long and applying the locals with a wide variety of produce on the backside of the calendar