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Our Story

Welcome to Bramblestone Farm!  We are a small, 10-acre farm in Northeast Ohio that believes locally grown, real foods are important; so we raise Golden Buff & heritage Buckeye chickens, ADGA/AGS Nigerian Dwarf goats and honey bees.  We specialize in pasture raised eggs, Nigerian Dwarf goats, honey and goat milk skin care products.

Pasture Raised Eggs

Our chickens love ranging on four fenced acres of pasture and are fed organically; so their eggs are naturally superior in flavor, color, and consistency when compared to grocery store eggs.  In addition, they are antibiotic & hormone free; and pasture raised eggs have been shown to be higher in beneficial omega fatty acids and vitamins A & E when compared to factory-raised eggs.  Currently, the flock produces far more eggs than we can consume, so we generally have eggs for sale.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian Dwarf (ND) goats are miniature dairy goats, and on average, an ND doe will produce 800 lbs. of creamy milk per year.  We raise ND’s because of their high quality  high butterfat milk, small size, easy care, and loving personalities.  All of our does tested negative for CAE, CL, Johnes, Brucellosis, and TB before coming to the farm, and we maintain a closed herd so that they and their offspring will remain disease free.   We breed for milk production and dairy confirmation, all adults have been dual ADGA/AGS registered, and we have does, bucks, and wethers from great bloodlines for sale each spring.  The schedule and pedigrees for spring kids can be found here.

Honey Bees

We keep honey bees not only because they produce honey, but also because they are so important to our food supply.  Honey bees are credited with being essential for producing a third of the food we eat, yet their numbers have been diminishing rapidly in recent years.  By raising honey bees, we hope to help preserve the honey bee population in North America, benefit from increased fruit and vegetable yields, and offer local honey for sale.

Our blog, Better Hens and Gardens ( is all about backyard chickens, goats, gardens, and DIY; and is meant to help other rural-minded folks with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of transitioning to more self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyles.  It’s meant to share all the stuff we’ve learned, and follow our latest journey on Bramblestone Farm. Please visit us there.