Breezy Acres

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Our Story

We began our farm at Breezy Acres in Nov. of 2014 when we bought a 19 acre farm so we could have pasture for our 3 horses.

In the spring of 2015, we added 6, 3-day old baby chicks and 5, 3-day old baby ducks. Now we are getting eggs from the chicks and duck to use for our own use and enough to sell.

Our chicks and ducks are cage-free, and the chicks love roaming the farm foraging for goodies. We feed only non-hormone, non-antibiotic chick feed and they get lunch every day of fresh corn, watermelon, kale and other fresh vegetables and fruit. With the hot weather they also get another fresh bowl of cool water and the ducks get a hose spray.

We are loving our farm life and plan to add more chicks and ducks,and maybe goats, as well as produce crops in the spring.