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We are a small family farm located just east of Branson in Taney County, MO.  We raise beef, pork, chickens, and eggs.

We use Cornish Cross chickens for our meat.  We allow them, as well as all of our chickens, to roam our fields freely.  We do not use tractors or pens.  They roam all day.  When they go to roost, we lock them in their coop for protection at night and first thing in the morning we let them back out to roam.

Our laying hens are a mix of heritage breeds including Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, French Marans, and Red Sexlinks.  They are lovingly raised, and their eggs are hand picked each day.  They are not forced to molt, nor encouraged to lay using artificial light in the winters.  Our chickens work solely on their own natural schedules.

For information about our pork and beef, please visit

Our eggs and other products are available at the Branson Farmer’s Market on Tuesday afternoons in the Branson Landing South Parking, and on Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market of the Ozarks (FMO) in Springfield at Farmer’s Park.